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Activities of the member companies
The specialities and the products of JANSOA's member companies are widely spread over in the categories of the air navigation systems as follows;
  - Communication
  - Navigation
  - Surveillance
  - Air Traffic Management
  - Simulator & Training
  - Airport Information / Communication / Management
  - Airport Security
  - Disaster Control
  - Weather Information
  - Terrain and Obstacle Data
  - Consultation
Click above categories for more information on air navigation systems and products. ( Air Navigation Systems Products & Services )
JANSOA Activity
The major activity of JANSOA are as follows;
  - Assemble and distribute information of marketing, research, foreign
   seminars and reports released from the government to the members.
  - Attend International Conference (Booth set up, brochure distribution)
  - Organize Seminars
  - Collect and assemble recommendations from the members to the
To Contact us
  JANSOA Secretariat Office
   E-mail: secretariat@jansoa.jp

   C/O JRANSA, Kaiji Center Bulding
   4-3 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-Ku
   Tokyo, 102-0083 JAPAN
   Phone: +81-3-3214-1352
   FAX: +81-3-3214-1359


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